July 17, 2012

Irish oatmeal with a banana and cherries. Best idea EVER. #weightwatchers #3points (Taken with Instagram)

Irish oatmeal with a banana and cherries. Best idea EVER. #weightwatchers #3points (Taken with Instagram)

☮ ❤ :o)

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AGE: 23
HW: 156
SW: 144.6
CW: 129.4
GW1: 140 [x]
reward: pedicure
GW2: 135 [x]
reward: barefoot shoes
GW3: 130 [x]
reward: new yoga clothes
UGW/GW4:128 [ ]
reward: new tattoo

This is my weight loss/fitness/motivation blog. I try to stay as positive as possible, but I am only human. I tend to have a lot of personal posts because well, this journey is about more than just numbers on a scale.

I follow weight watchers, but all my moral support comes from my amazing followers.

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